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Saç dökülmesini önlemek mümkün mü? 3410
saç ekimi fiyatı ne kadardır? 15418
Sac Mezoterapisi Etkili midir? 1916
Are hair transplants painful? 1351
Do hair transplants really work? 3173
Saç ekimi diyabet hastalarına yapılabilir mi? 1663
Saç ekimi için hangi yönteme uygunum? 2190
Is there any negative impact that can happen from flying after the surgery? 1167
I'm not in Ankara so I'm wondering how long I'd have to stay at the clinic after the operation. 1073
Can you tell me how long the surgery is and what the post treatment period is? 845
I can't stop pulling my hair out that it won't grow back anymore. Is there anything that I can do? 1034
İs it possible,for anyone to be turned down from getting a transplant cause their scalp's too tight? 766
I'm wondering what happens to the donor area and if there's a bald patch there and for how long. 854
I I take 5mg of Enalapril once a day,Are there any concerns about me having hair transplants? 685
I'm a diabetic, I would like to know if the procedure would adversely affect my health in any way. 607
I am a blonde and wondering if the procedure can be good or bad for me. 620
I'm curious about what happens to the scar,will it become more visible,does the skin stretch? 648
After the procedure, do you have scars directly where the new grafts have been put in? 604
To minimize the risk of scarring, is there anything that can be done before surgery? 613
I'm wondering if hair restoration could be used like a spot treatment to fill in the small scars. 566
İkinci bir seans için ne kadar beklenilmesi tavsiye edilir? 611
How many sessions does a hair transplant typically require? 712
My once concern is whether or not a new procedure would require me to have my hair cut. 635
How long does it take for transplanted hair to grow? 864
I'd like to know if the results are actually permanent. 705
In one procedure, how many grafts can be provided? 813
Are you able to thicken a moustache and beard and how do you do it? 719
Most of my facial hair's either directly on my chin or just under it.I've never had full facial hair 655
I'm interested in moustache and beard transplants, but concerned about the scars . 841
Following a beard transplant, when are you first able to shave? 791
Will an eyebrow restoration procedure work for someone with absolutely no hair on their eyebrows? 760
Can hair be taken from your armpit for a hair transplant? 689
Is it possible to transplant hair to the chest? 583
Before surgery, do I have to cut the hair on the top of my head short or shave? 620
Who makes a good candidate for hair restoration surgery? 629
How much more hair I will lose? 575
What is the minimum age a person should be to have a hair transplant? 660
Should I wait for hair transplant until my hair loss slow down? 630
How painful is the procedure? 497
What is hair transplantation? 488
What is Androgenetic Alopecia? 499
Do medications which are intended to control or defeat hair loss really work? 1245
What is hair loss caused by? 572
Saç ekimi yaptırarak dolgun saçlara kavuşabilir miyim? 821
How does living a healthy lifestyle play a role in baldness? 567
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What is the most important criterion in hair transplantation?

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